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Suspense Thriller

Suspense thrillers are notable for the building of tension and unease. From the first pages there is danger lurking, and the story line unfolds with characteristically fast pacing. Many books feature the thoughts of both the hero and the villain, which only heightens the sense of "suspense" and constant tension.

Famous suspense writers are John Sanford, James Patterson and C.J. Box. For a blend of suspense and romance, see romantic suspense.

If you write suspense thrillers, explore the subgenre to connect with other like-minded writers, workshop, and publish your book.


Landmark Suspense Thriller Titles

  • Suspense Thriller - Killing Floor  
  • Suspense Thriller - Along Came a Spider  
  • Suspense Thriller - Alone  
  • Suspense Thriller - Where Are the Children?  
  • Suspense Thriller - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo  
  • Suspense Thriller - The Bone Collector  
  • Suspense Thriller - Rules of Prey  
  • Suspense Thriller - Lethal  

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