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Political Thriller

Political thriller is a subgenre of thriller in which the narrative focuses on a political power struggle, usually involving an illegal or unethical manipulation of a government or judicial power structure. The tone of these novels is often bleak, reflecting the sense of disillusionment felt by the characters.

Well-known writers of political thrillers include David Baldacci and Vince Flynn.

If you write political thrillers, explore the subgenre to connect with other like-minded writers, workshop, and publish your book.


Landmark Political Thriller Titles

  • Political Thriller - The Kill Artist  
  • Political Thriller - Honor Among Thieves  
  • Political Thriller - Malice  
  • Political Thriller - Fade  
  • Political Thriller - No Safe Place  
  • Political Thriller - Separation of Power  
  • Political Thriller - The Lion's Game  
  • Political Thriller - The Camel Club  

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