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Space Opera

Space opera includes adventure stories usually set in outer space or on another planet. They are sweeping sagas often involving interplanetary politics or family conflict. The category shares characteristics with military science fiction, but is not as focused on the military effort, and is generally considered more romantic in tone. Stories that are similar to the Star Wars movies fall into this category.

The narrative can unfold over several books. Well-known writers include C.S. Friedman and Frank Herbert.

If you write space opera, explore the subgenre to connect with other like-minded writers, workshop, and publish your book.

Landmark Space Opera Titles

Here are select space opera must-read titles:

  • REVELATION SPACE by Alastair Reynolds is a Landmark Science Fiction Title on Book Country.  
  • Space Opera - The Snow Queen  
  • Space Opera - The Moon's Shadow  
  • Space Opera - Sword of Rhiannon  
  • Space Opera - In Conquest Born  
  • Space Opera - Downbelow Station  
  • Space Opera - Dune  
  • Space Opera - Consider Phlebas  
  • Space Opera - Hyperion  

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