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Nonfiction is a form of factual writing dealing with actual people, events, or places rather than imaginative, or fictional, narration. Nonfiction has many subgenres, categorized by subject matter (health, history, travel, comedy, etc.) and style (narrative nonfiction, memoir, biography, etc.)

The nonfiction subgenres seen here do not reflect all of what's being published today. We have chosen to focus on popular nonfiction categories that lend themselves to collaborative writing, which is why types of writing such as user manuals, guides, technical documentation, literary criticism, and illustrated books are not part of our genre map. Book Country's genre map will continue to change as new literary categories emerge and others fall out of fashion. If you write nonfiction, explore a genre to connect with other like-minded writers, workshop, and publish your book.


  • Memoir
  • NarrativeNonfiction
  • Travel

Landmark Nonfiction Titles

  • FRESH OFF THE BOAT by Eddie Huang is a Memoir Landmark Title on Book Country.  
  • MOUNTAINS BEYOND MOUNTAINS by Tracy Kidder is a Narrative Nonfiction Landmark Title on Book Country.  
  • TALES OF A FEMALE NOMAD by Rita Golden Gelman is a Travel Landmark Title on Book Country.  
  • Memoir Book – The Year Of Magical Thinking  
  • Narrative Nonfiction Book – The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks  
  •  Travel Book – Eat, Pray, Love  

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