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Paranormal Mystery

Paranormal mystery blends general or cozy mystery with paranormal elements, such as a protagonist with psychic abilities or one who can see ghosts. It is generally lighter in tone than other mysteries.

Well-known writers include Victoria Laurie and Madelyn Alt.

Book Country's genre map will continue to change as new literary categories emerge and others fall out of fashion. If you write paranormal mysteries, explore this subgenre to connect with other like-minded writers, workshop, and publish your book.

Landmark Paranormal Mystery Titles

  • GHOSTWALK by Rebecca Stott is a Mystery Landmark Title on Book Country.  
  • IT TAKES A WITCH by Heather Blake is a Mystery Landmark Title on Book Country.  
  • WITCH WAY TO MURDER by Shirley Damsgard is a Mystery Landmark Title on Book Country.  
  • LOOSE ENDS by Terri Reid is a Mystery Landmark Title on Book Country.  
  • Paranormal Mystery - Secondhand Spirits  
  • Paranormal Mystery - Blood Price  
  • Paranormal Mystery - Home For a Spell  
  • Paranormal Mystery - Grave Sight  
  • Paranormal Mystery - Shadow Man  
  • Paranormal Mystery - Ghouls Gone Wild  

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