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Historical Fantasy

Historical fantasy novels take place in a recognizable historical era of the real world, usually prior to the twentieth century.

Historical fantasy and high/epic fantasy share many characteristics, but the former is set in a particular historical period and/or features real historical figures.

Well-known historical fantasy writers include Marion Zimmer Bradley and Guy Gavriel Kay.

Book Country's genre map will continue to change as new literary categories emerge and others fall out of fashion. If you write historical fantasy, explore this genre to connect with other like-minded writers, workshop, and publish your book.

Landmark Historical Fantasy Titles

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  • Historical Fantasy Book - The Mists of Avalon  
  • Historical Fantasy Book - The Once and Future King  
  • Historical Fantasy Book - Kushiel's Dart  
  • Historical Fantasy Book - The Salt Roads  
  • Historical Fantasy Book - The Lions of Al-Rassan  
  • Historical Fantasy Book - People of the Thunder  
  • Historical Fantasy Book - The Drawing of the Dark  
  • Historical Fantasy Book - Blood Roses  

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