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Offering Honest Reviews in Exchange for Honest Reviews
Amber Wolfe
Posted: Friday, October 24, 2014 2:32 AM
Joined: 7/24/2014
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Hi, I recently uploaded another draft of Destiny's Bond--an Epic Fantasy--to Book Country. So far I've gotten no reviews, and I thought that maybe if I posted this, I might garner some attention. I've been on this site for about four months now, and I've reviewed six fantasy books in this time. And about everyone I've reviewed work for has said my feedback's helpful and practical. I'm willing to offer reviews in exchange for reviews, because I'd really like some feedback on my WIP. Of course, I'll continue reviewing books even if mine doesn't get reviews. I'm just going out on a limb here and dangling.


Here's the description of my WIP:


Born into a time when war ravages the land and captured at a young age for her previously-unheard-of magick abilities, Destiny has exhausted fourteen years of her life training and serving as a remorseless assassin for the ruthless Four Nations. Now twenty years old, she seeks to escape and mete revenge on those who have wronged her and many of her fellow nythpaths. By utilizing her magickal and physical strengths, she manages the first of these tasks. But before she can even begin working on the second, unforeseen circumstances alter her fate forever, placing her in a situation where the balance of the world rests on her shoulders. With the help of a surly stigmaton and a cast of other characters she meets on her journey to restore peace, will she be able to save Drugara from ruin? Or will a hidden evil consume her and destroy everything she comes to hold dear?


And this is the link: http://www.bookcountry.com/BookDetail.aspx?BookId=7289


Any feedback will be deeply appreciated, even if its only on the first chapter of my WIP. And I'll be more than glad to reciprocate. Just post a link to your WIP on this thread and I'll review your work. (Even if mine's not reviewed by you).


Thanks in advance for those who answer my plea.happy


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