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What is Horror to you?
Craig Peterson
Posted: Friday, July 18, 2014 9:37 PM
Joined: 3/4/2014
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As a true rookie writer I am constantly asking myself questions, which my wife is starting to find disturbing.  This is one that I think is different for everyone and would like some input.  I love Horror and is really the only thing I have the desire to write.  But I think horror isn't really the correct label for "horror" books.  For me, my favorite horror novel is Stephen Kings "It."  But while while reading it I never jumped or winced the way I would while watching a horror movie.  It was a page turner so would that make it suspense?  Probably not.  I for one don't really like suspense books because my definition of suspense is more like a spy, chase, action story and that really isn't what I like.  I like horror.  I LOVE The Twilight Zone but hate Sci-Fi.  Again my vision of sic-fi is aliens, time travel and robots.  Yes, there was quite a lot of those in The Twilight Zone but I didn't consider them sic-fi, they were on The Twilight Zone.  I've recently seen the phrase "Weird Fiction" and I think I like that term.  TZ is weird.  I also like the term Supernatural.  I thin that could describe a lot of horror novels.  Obviously anything other then natural could be considered supernatural.  Thats's the jist of the conversation that's been running through my head the past few days and now, with the help of being over-caffinated I  ask the masses, much of whom have been writing much longer then me and probably a lot smarter then myself.  Is horror the correct label for what we write?

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