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Fantasy Reading Swap
Posted: Monday, April 23, 2012 4:11 PM
Joined: 3/13/2011
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Hi folks!

I wanted to see if anyone was interested in doing a reading swap. 'Rules', such as a they are, are very simple.

Post on the thread that you are interested in doing a read / review swap. Post the link of the story you want read and reviewed. You can post the description of the story here too, to make it easier for others to decide which story to pick for reading.

Pick someone to read / review in the thread. If there is no one in the thread you want to review, pick a story with no other reviews from the queue in the Fantasy genre and read and review them.

Once you have finished your review, come back to the thread, and post the link to the story you have reviewed, including the title of the book and the author. Do as many as you want, or just one. If you post in this thread, please make sure you do at least one review of someone else, since the point is to swap reviews to help each other improve!

Only requirement is that it is a fantasy story.

The idea of this 'critique group' is the work together as a community in a cohesive effort to read and review in kind.

While I can't sit here and preach that you should review a certain way, the goal of this swap is to help each other improve, so if possible, please try to include a handful or two of things the writer you're reviewing could improve on. (Also, include the things that they do well -- both are equally important!)

I will be reviewing as many people who participate in this thread as possible.

The story I'm offering up for review is The Eye of God. http://www.bookcountry.com/Books/BookDetails.aspx?bookId=130154

Here is the description to see if it might pique your interest:

Raised as a combat slave from birth, all Terin wanted when he stepped into the Arena was death. Denied his wish, he is thrust into the middle of the search for the Eye of God, the missing part of the Triad. With the Eye, Terin would have the power to escape his existence as a slave and flee to the free kingdoms. However, the Eye of God has plans of its own.

Timothy Maguire
Posted: Monday, April 23, 2012 7:04 PM
Joined: 8/13/2011
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I'm definitely interested. I could use a lot more reviews as I'm currently elbow-deep in two of my projects trying to make them better.

The two I'd like reviewed are: Orphans of Talos and Slide The Scales From My Eyes. Both are 'complete' novels, so I'm not expecting you to review the whole thing, so please let me know when you grind to a halt (In particular, Orphans is ~120000 words so, only if you're really enjoying it).

Orphans of Talos


Alex and Luce aren't exactly Earth's best representatives. Luce is a near obsessive science
nerd with a few missing social graces. Alex is a wiseass nerd with a
world class annoying streak. Unfortunately, they're the ones who end up
on another world. Now, they've got to find a way home, a route that
leads through a paramilitary police unit full of impossible magic and
into the monster that brought them to Talos.

Slide The Scales From My Eyes

So I was just trying to do my
job when some weirdo cut through the bar wall with a laser, tied me up
with ropes of light and kidnapped me. That was the high point of my
weekend. Since then, I've been attacked by a woman's hair, near
brainwashed by a cult, rescued by a mechanical oracle and kidnapped
again by a gang of Parkour loving hooligans. I've been threatened,
mind-controlled and scared out of my wits. Still, I might have saved the
world when no one was looking.

Posted: Monday, April 23, 2012 7:19 PM
Joined: 3/13/2011
Posts: 224

@Timothy -- I'll do Orphans of Talos; looks interesting from the description! Expect a review in the next few days -- I will keep reading until I lose interest in the story, minimum of 3 chapters.

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