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Using Google Forms for research/idea gathering
Posted: Monday, December 14, 2015 11:00 PM
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Hello everybody,

I am working on my first novel and am looking for some advice and ideas.

It is essentially a Young Adult Adventure/Sci-Fi Novel where the premise is the following: 

A classroom of middle school students are suddenly transported across the galaxy to a strange planet with limited supplies and no way of making it home.

A lot of adventure and various mishaps continues from that point, and I have got the whole thing blocked out with multiple moments of drama, excitement, and the real possibility of some sequels on the distant horizon of my brain. 

The only thing I am missing are specific details of how various students (and their teacher) would react in a situation like this. I know how I would react, but that is not enough. How would normal people (not me) react and how would a bunch of 13-14 year olds react?


So, in hopes of collecting a large variety of ideas, I created a Questionnaire on a Google Form to find out how people would react (using a similar situation on a deserted island).

If any of you are a teacher or know someone who is, would you mind sending this link on to them (the teachers can be real or imagined . . . ): 


There is also a link for students that I would welcome anyone filling out (we were all students at one time, right?):


Also, if anyone sees anything in the questionnaires that they thing should be worded or presented differently, I would welcome any comments or advice.

Please feel free to share this around social media and get the word out. The more responses, the richer the characters could be for my book.

Also, I would be happy to share the results with anyone who is interested.


-James Hargreaves


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