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Book Title Help please
Posted: Wednesday, October 14, 2015 1:22 PM
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Hi Folks,

My Book Topic - Basics of Nutrition . I talk about organic food, fads like gluten-free, paleo..., Macronutrients. Near the end I go into tips on how to eat, what to eat and so fourth. 


I'm in the editing process of my book and need help with a catchy title.  I'll post part of my into here, so you can get a feel for what the book is about.

Big Thanks on suggestions


Over the last decade, I’ve read many books on food, nutrition, health, wellness and fitness.  Often there is a promise or guarantee towards losing 7lbs in 7 days or 20lbs by following this program.  However, it’s never as simple is it?  Most often then not, soon after finishing the preferred diet or program, people gain that weight back. In fact, they gain more weight back then when they started and continue down this path.  This happens because these diets and programs never promise that you’ll lose 7lbs of fat, they just say 7lbs.  Often this is just water weight or cutting down calories to lose a little bit of fat along with water and muscle.  The reality is, any professional fighter can lose up to 20lbs in a day and gain it back the next day before the fight.  The reason being this weight loss and fat loss are very different processes.  

The reality is, weather you are trying to lose weight (fat) or trying to cut your 6-pack abs, there is no “magic pill” for fat loss. It’s a continuous process.  The human body is designed to store fat and conserve energy at all costs.  Weight loss programs and diets can try to manipulate the scale, mostly with a calorie constricting diets.  With cutting diets, often macronutrients are manipulated along with calorie restriction. This is often a tedious and short lived result.  The weight loss only lasts till the end of the summer, along with the 6-pack abs.  However, as we will discuss further in this book, these short term diets, have dire consequences on your metabolism. Long term fat loss is within reach, year round 6-packs exist !  It’s about making a long term changes, that become your lifestyle. How long can you count calories until you are finally fed up ! The minute you stop counting calories all that weight loss will come back, abs will disappear.  

My motivation for writing this book is, I have yet to come across a book, that promises to make you lose 7lbs of fat in 7 weeks !  I will not make this promise here.  As you will read further you will know why this is an impossible task.  Fat loss is a continuous process, for some even life long.  This book is not a/n: easy to loose weight book, promoting the new fad book, the one simple way to be the healthiest book, there will be no magic pill prescribed here.  Here’s the deal - I’ll tell you what it takes to lose weight and keep it off.  Build the best lean body, you can imagine.  But, like Morphious (The Matrix) says, “I can only show you the door, you have to walk thorough it.”  The 365-Lifestyle Diet - provides the education and tools needed to do it yourself for LIFE !  

I took into account, most people have a food budget and limited time to spend in the kitchen and plan food.  So, I’ll talk a little bit about organic food and is it worth the price.  I’ll also discuses why fad-diets in particular and diets in general don’t work.  My program is tested on the S&S team, supported by scientific experiments and makes sense. No cheat day here ! If you crave something eat it !  I’ll share with you how and in what amount to minimize the damage towards your goals and how to reverses or counteract the ‘cheat meal’ damage done.  I’ll also talk a bit about alcohol and how it is a big hurdle in your weight loss efforts.  A plan will be provided to still enjoy a drink while minimizing the damage towards your fat loss goals. 

Being scientists, we always question the latest fad, the science behind it and test to see if it’ll work for us, our life, our family.  We did research on the gluten-free, diary-free, palo, Mediterranean and vegetarian diets. We experimented with different exercise routines like, yoga, pilates, cycling and different types of resistance training.  After a year of research, trail and error, we finally found a way of eating and exercising, based on scientific research, that works. It sheds pounds, cuts down on illness, lowers cholesterol and body fat. Overall, provides a quality of life that is practical for a busy parent, a single student, a young couple, an elderly couple. In fact, it will work for anyone that want to improve the quality of their life by:

  • balancing hormones
  • improving energy levels
  • low fat deposits
  • increased lean body mass - muscle 
  • improved circulatory system
  • increased endurance and strength 
  • last but not least, looking the best you ever have ! The side effect of the program, we make NO apologies here ! Be warned, you are going to look amazing with our 365 lifestyle change.  We can not promise, that people will not staring at you, admiring your muscles, flat belly and glowing skin.

In this book, we will share with you the knowledge to take your health into your hands. Let’s face it, no doctor, pharmacists, supplement provider cares for you and your health better then you.  We are going to give you the tools, backed by science and personal experiments. You will never be too busy to do this, in fact you will have more time in your life to do the things you love to do.  The focus of this book and our philosophy is eating a variety of foods. Try different meats or cuts, vary the side dish of vegetables weekly.  Take-out, frozen, fast foods should not be eaten on a regular bases. After you give this plan a try, your body will begin to crave less and less of that sort of food, and demand quality ingredients.  You will save money, time and improve your food and life quality. Knowledge is power and I encourage you to read this book and understand why you need to eat this way.  Allowing you to make the best decisions and food choices, be it at home or out at a social event. 

Let’s get started !

Posted: Wednesday, March 16, 2016 8:03 PM
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This sounds very interesting. If well written and affective, I will seriously consider referring to it. 

Personally, I have always been a healthy person, I am a vegetarian (part time vegan), I exercise 2-3x a day, I walk as often as I can, but I find that I have very little energy. Mostly because I am a picky eater and being a veg. on top of that makes it harder for me to find energy packed foods/snacks.


I have heard of the paleo diet and am interested in learning more about it.


I look forward to reading your book. 


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