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Query: Moonlight & Whiskey
Tricia McKee
Posted: Thursday, October 8, 2015 3:16 PM
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It's my first shot at a query for Moonlight & Whiskey, actually it's my first shot a query, ever. I don't have any bio to speak of, in the writing field (no awards, no contests or short stories, no other published works), so I am truly a newbie at this. I'm still learning terminologies and writing etiquette so bear with me. I am open to any and all suggestions. I've taken some advice about my hook and reworked it and also advice on how my 'blurb' could be used as a query. So please, have at it.



Dear [Agent]:


I would like you to represent my 110,000-word contemporary/erotic romance Moonlight & Whiskey. A story about curves, brains and a hard rock front man offering heroine, Avery Barrows, a one way ticket down the rabbit hole…


Avery has a porn habit. She is too smart for her own good, as curvy as a Les Paul guitar and has a set of metaphorical brass balls big enough to give most men a complex…She just can’t remember where she put them. This foul-mouthed, sharp-tongued, plus-sized heroine is having an identity crisis: I mean, it’s easy to be insecure about a few extra curves when your best friend is a cover model and you’re a nerdy engineer. Avery has built some very sturdy walls to protect her from the harsh realities of dating as a plus-size woman, but let’s face it—everybody needs a little slap and tickle now and then. So what’s a smart girl with a little extra gotta do to get laid?


Not much, if you ask Declan McGinn, front man for  New Orleans hard rock band, BlackSmith. Not much at all. With a body made for depravity and a voice as tempting as the devil himself, Declan prefers his women as curvy as his guitars and Avery has his attention from the jump; but Declan has his own set of demons and those claws run deep too. Set against a backdrop of dark magic, sinful music and the sultry New Orleans moon, fire erupts when Avery and Declan begin the age-old dance of men and women, but when the two discover a soul deep connection that transcends lifetimes, will Fate be enough to turn lust into love?


After all, it is just a vacation…


Moonlight & Whiskey is my completed debut manuscript: A stand-alone novel in a series of three that I think of as Sinners on Tour meets Good in Bed, with a magical aside. I wanted to write for a segment of readers that is sorely lacking in quality material: Erotic romance with a plus-size contemporary arc. Avery Barrows meets that need. She is a ball-busting control freak with a split personality that she is trying to merge into her one true identity, and as with most ‘curvy’ women, she has body issues that exasperate her problems. I believe I have unique insight into Avery’s world. I have a degree in Sociology and perspective into different societal cultures and standards, and as a woman with extra curves, I know a little bit about living large in a size six world. I also have a degree in Accounting that allows me to see myself from a different perspective, too: As a product--at the mercy of supply and demand.


I chose you to query because of your involvement in the Writer’s Digest Romance/Erotica workshop held in October and I am eager to be a part of a team with a love of the romance genre that rivals my own. I think [agency] is an excellent fit. If you are interested, I would love to send you my completed manuscript at your convenience. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you soon.



Tricia McKee



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