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Musician and painter writing first (and maybe last) book
Andy Getch
Posted: Sunday, July 26, 2015 11:32 PM
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I have played music for about 7 years and have written several hundred songs. I have been painting and dabbling with other media art for the last three years.  My website is here 


A year ago I signed up for creativity coaching with an online friend. My coach wanted me to set goals including a long-term (like five to ten years) challenging, maybe even scary, goal. The long term goal we agreed upon is writing a book featuring my songs and paintings and including the stories behind them. I have written technical papers at work, and as mentioned before, a number of songs, but writing a book is very different. 

I wrote a rough draft in November 2014 National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and have been revising since. The draft is still rough and in need of revisions for format, plot, structure and character development. It is a bit overwhelming and after toying with the idea of a readable novel-like format, I am leaning towards going with stand-alone short essays. The book also will eventually need style, grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. line-by-line editing. I signed up for AutoCrit to assist with that. 


Facing art/music/memoir book market realities for an unknown like me, I anticipate self-publishing at some point in the future. While I am still a long way from that point, researching and reading in the genre, as well as the writing process, has stimulated other creative ideas for art and songs. Joining local writing groups has also helped me meet other multi-creatives who work day jobs. 


If you are interested, and would be so kind as to consider reviewing all or a portion of it, here is a link to my draft here on Book Country. 


I have signed up for the Book Buddy program and am awaiting a partner assignment. I also am hoping to get constructive and helpful feedback here. Thanks to the folks who extended or accepted connection requests here, I am open to more. I also have reviewed several posted books found by searching for keywords "Art" or "Music" and posted in a few discussions. I am looking forward to further interactions here.


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