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Returning with a new book
Romana Drew
Posted: Saturday, February 21, 2015 12:53 PM

Hello everyone,


I am returning after a long hiatus with a new book and a promise that if you read mine, I will read yours.


The Prince of Kaloria is a simple story about a young man and the alien who kidnapped him, and woman he loves, and the evil bitch he has to marry, and an insane uncle, and a king's assassination.

After being captured and tortured, Eshley escapes on a distant world, starved, dirty, and nearly blind. Volisha saves his life and he falls in love, but when his kidnappers return, they kill her father and destroy her farm.


With Volisha to read the controls, Eshley steals his kidnapper's spaceship, flies it home, and takes his rightful place as the Prince of Kaloria and later King of Ashlaria. Although he promises to always love and care for Volisha and their unborn child, to stop the war between Ashlaria and Lashon, he marries Cendry, daughter of the Lashon king. It almost works.

Cendry's father is assassinated, the Waylon church stirs up racial hostilities, and Volisha makes plans of her own to rule the world.


110,000 words, soft science fiction, adult, mild sex, some violence, political, and social themes.


If you are reading Prince, let me know what you think along the way. I will start in on yours and keep you informed as to my thoughts. I prefer to read science fiction (any sub genre), fantasy, occult, or mystery (adult, YA, NA, or MG), I will not read religious, erotica, extreme violence and gore, or overly introspective first person.


Are you up for a trade?


I hope this displays better on you computer than on mine. The lines are so long I have to scroll the window to see the right end.


Lucy Silag - Book Country Community Manager
Posted: Monday, February 23, 2015 8:56 AM
Joined: 6/7/2013
Posts: 1359

Hi Romana--Welcome back and congrats on the new manuscript--it sounds fantastic and you introduce it well!


One hint if you are looking for reviewers is to fill out your profile page and upload your author photo. This really makes a difference because it gives people the chance to get to know you as a writer, and the feedback you get will be more useful because the reviewer will know more about the person whose work they are reviewing.  


Let me know if you need help!




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