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Zach Heher
Posted: Friday, October 31, 2014 2:03 PM

Happy Halloween everyone. The internet can be a creepy place, and sometimes those creepy places take the form of a creepypasta. A creepypasta is an urban legend created online, often depicting ghost stories or other freaky things. For this forum, here are 5 of the most freakiest creepypastas I've read/heard of. Warning: Don't read these in the dark.

1. The Other Watcher- A man checked into a hotel and grabbed his room key from the receptionist. The receptionist warned that a room with no number was across his room and that he should never enter or look through the keyhole during his stay. The man came across the room and decided to feed his curiosity and look through the keyhole. At first he saw a pale woman dressed in white standing across the room, but when he look through the hole again he only saw the color red. When the man checked out the hotel he admitted to the receptionist that he looked through the keyhole and asked what he saw. The receptionist complies and tells him that man murdered his wife in that very room and her ghost haunts it. The ghost is very pale except for its eyes, which are bloodshot red. So remember folks, knock first.

2. My friend Lisa- Have you or your kids ever had an imaginary friend. This little girl wrote and drew about her imaginary friend Lisa in her personal diary. Judging by the pictures, Lisa is not an ordinary friend. There isn't much to say about it because it's better if you saw the diary entries yourself but from what I can gather this friend followed the girl around and anyone who offends this friend, say the girl's teacher or her dad, is not seen again, indicating that Lisa might have killed them. Check out this link to see the diary yourself and next time think twice when a child is communicating with an imaginary friend. http://www.viralnova.com/creepy-childs-diary/

3. Ben Drowned- Gamers be warned. A young man received a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask for Nintendo 64 and decides to play it. He finds a save file titled "Ben" and proceeds to play it. Upon playing it odd things happen. The music played backwards and haunting glitches galore. Apparently, the game was in fact previously owned by a kid named Ben who died in a drowning accident, and the game is cursed with the kid's soul. Anyone who plays the game will be haunted by the phrases "You shouldn't have don't that," and "You met with a terrible fate, haven't you?". 

2. Jeff the Killer- By far one of the most creepiest creepypasta to date, the story tells of a young man named Jeff who got into a fight with some older boys. Jeff fought them off in brutal ways and discovered that he enjoyed inflicting pain to others to a point he started killing small animals and torturing children. One night he carved a permanent smile on his face and cut off his own eye lids and proceeded to kill everyone in his family. Jeff the Killer still lurks in the shadows this day looking for his next victim, often sneaking into people's houses and whispering, "Go to sleep" before butchering them. You now have my permission to look behind you...and lock your doors...and hire a professional bodyguard.

1. Slender Man- The legend of Slender Man can date back to Roman times. Slender Man is a ghoul that resembles a 10 foot tall, faceless, bald man in a black suit. People who have seen him will experience nausea, paranoia, madness, and insomnia. Also once you've seen him, it's too late to run. A popular horror game called Slender: The Eight Pages let's you play as one of Slender Man's victims. I in fact have the game and it is definitely one of the scariest games I ever played.

Well that's all I got for now. Have you heard of any creepypastas? Got any ghost stories to tell? Leave your comment below, and as always if you wanna here more, check out my profile page. Now excuse while I bathe in holy water to remove this freaky stuff from my mind.

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