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Brand Marketing 101: 3 Basic Steps to set it up
Mac Bizzo
Posted: Tuesday, January 21, 2014 1:03 PM
Joined: 1/19/2014
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Example: Brandon Peck as "Mac Bizzo" 
1. Email address---  I prefer yahoo, create 2 emails within the same account.  1 email you will NEVER use to get or send mail and never give out to anyone. 
Use this email as your login for all social networks. (example: imnotbizzo@yahoo )
Create a second email with the same account, this is your brand marketing name. example: ( macbizzo@yahoo )
note ( getting matching handles across all platforms will take time and can be frustrating. ) 
2. every social network URL is your brand marketing name ( Mac Bizzo ) 
( example: my twitter, youtube, facebook, blogtalkradio and many other sites are all .com/macbizzo)
but my login email for all these is not the email I communicate with macbizzo@yahoo
3. passwords must have both letters and numbers, have them make a statement
(example 0u821  "oh you ate one too?" but make them longer than this, the longer the password the more secure) 
(example I8thecak3! "I ate the cake!")
now this is what you should have:
a free email account with 2 addresses, but only one you get and send mail with, 
use the other mail every login, and use the same password, make every social network .com/(yourbrandname)
note: imnotbizzo@yahoo, 0u812 & I8thecak3! are NOT my real login information, they are examples only for this. 
Even if you don't have tons of followers, this synergy within your brand marketing will be impressive to the publisher or promoter you interact with. 
Also your "screen name" in any site should reflect your brand marketing. even if no URL is used like this site. 
Lastly, even if your not using the site... go get your URL ( example: my personal wordpress is not being used at this time )
I hope this helps. 


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