Shadowed Sins | Sin Eater Book 1

By LexieGirl

Draft 1 Posted Date: 3/4/2011

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Based on 18 Reviews

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Based on 18 Reviews


Urban Fantasy

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About the Book:

Jenna has lived by one credo her entire life--avoid unnecessary complications. When you have the ability to not only 'see' another person's sin, but absorb it as well, it makes it hard to trust anybody. So what is it about Caroline Lewis and her brother Theo that draws her in? Simple teenage hormones or is it something far more enticing? Like their complete absence of sin.

About the Author:

Alexandra tends to indulge in daydreams more often than is necessary for her writing. A paralegal student, she spends her days studying legal law and cooking.

Author's Note:

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Dialogue

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