Weathermy Isle | The Origin of the Second Chaser Rebellion

By Zarren Mykhail Kuzma

Draft 3 Posted Date: 5/3/2013

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Historical Fantasy

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About the Book:

500 years after the Second Flood, a meteorological disaster that divided the world into a scattered collection of small islands, we meet Gregsbison Kujiman. He is a resident of Weathermy, an island famous for both its independence from the global government, the Ent, and its long history of excellence in producing masters of hand-to-hand combat. Today is a special day in the life of a Weathermian boy: Matching Day, the day when the elders of the island assign him the fighting style that will best bring out his potential. But other forces are brewing this day as well. Officials from the Ent have suddenly appeared, digging for answers about a rebellious group known as the Chasers, and a lone Outsider lands on the island seeking to deliver news to the Weathermian elders despite their disdain for foreign visitors. But the day begins when, for Gregsbi, a most unimaginable thing happens on Matching Day. Something that practically means death for a Weathermian: He isn't Matched at all.

About the Author:

My name is Zarren Mykhail Kuzma. I work in children's book publishing. Please feel to reach me with questions or comments at zmkuzma@outlook.com

Author's Note:

These are the rough draft chapters of an ambitious Middle Grade story that I've been playing with including elements of Piracy, Steampunk, Science-Fiction, Adventure, and, of course, Romance. (Quite a bit, I know.) The entire backdrop is an alternate history in which several hundred years ago there was a Second Flood that divided the lands of the Earth into many small islands rather than large continents. The two major inspirations for this story are GAME OF THRONES by George R. R. Martin and ONE PIECE by Eiichiro Oda. (Update 4/25: Edits to Prologue and Chapter 1, addition of Chapter 2.)

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Setting

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