By Alena Kellerman

Draft 1 Posted Date: 3/31/2013

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Paranormal Romance

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About the Book:

I've always believed his kind existed. Just not in my world. . . not in my heart. Is there any turning back when a choice has been made? Have our souls been eternally damned? I clench my fists tight to my heart and know, that should the Avenger come today, he would have us both. And I, for one, would go without a fight, for what am I apart from the one I love? Take my soul; it is no longer my own. ~ In an unprecedented mixture of faith and fury, Marie Sullivan stands as one alone in the world, seeking no company, finding no comfort. Her very anger itself is her company, her tears her comfort. None among her Mennonite family and friends know her plight, but her faith is sinking slowly beneath the weight of apathy's darkness. A handsome stranger's sudden appearance in her back pasture rouses her curiosity. . . and soon, her passion. ~ A tale of despair and bewitchment. A tale of hope.

About the Author:

Alena Kellerman is the pseudonym for a young Mennonite author who wishes to retain her anonymity. She loves rain, volleyball, and of course, writing.

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Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Pacing

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