The Case of the Missing Zeppelin | A Dick Hardcock, Dr. Rommel & Katzenjammer Novel

By Carl E Reed

Draft 1 Posted Date: 2/8/2013

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Based on 4 Reviews


Noir / Hard-Boiled

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About the Book:

An excursion into literary dementia. Writing under the pen name: Tom Gun.

About the Author:

Born: Chicago, 1963. Joined USMC: 17. Worked 4 yrs as a photo-journalist in Okinawa, Japan. Attended U. of Maryland (far-east): focus: ENG, PHIL, PSYCH & HIS.

Author's Note:

WARNING! This novel contains scenes of shocking cartoon violence, political incorrectness, incoherently-written sex, realistical magicism [sic], nihilistic meditations, drug use and animal philosophizing. It is written in a vernacular which is perhaps best described as utter lunacy. A new chapter will appear the first of every month. (If the Writer's Block gods are willing and I've made no forward progress on my other writing projects, that is . . .)

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