A Final Day in Central Park

By Michael R Hagan

Draft 1 Posted Date: 12/3/2012

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Based on 5 Reviews


Soft Science Fiction

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About the Book:

After a long Winter, Roche is ready spend the day outdoors. You might need to read this one twice... I truly hope so! Michael

About the Author:

Michael was born in Co. Down, Ireland where, after what he describes as a beautiful year in California, he returned with his family to 'take the dream'n home.'

Author's Note:

This short story is a bit of fun. I'd love to hear, at which point you 'twigged' what was happening. If you enjoy the structure, you'll love THE DESOLATE, If you hate the structure.......... Well I guess you just can't win them all! All comments welcome; complimentary, or damning alike! G'luck Michael

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