Fire At Dawn | Chronicles of the Free People: Book One

By Ed Ireland

Draft 34 Posted Date: 12/11/2012

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High / Epic Fantasy

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About the Book:

The lands of Dagor are in peril. A King sends his son to bring help from an old friend and soon the Clans of the Free People led by Hellfire, the great white tiger of legend are marching towards a destiny that will rip at the very foundations of who they are. The Sorceress of Dagorath brings war to her enemy King Verimas hoping to draw Hellfire in as well. Her new discovery will bring a secret the tiger has kept hidden for years to light. Will this hidden tale make the clans stronger or drive them into a rift they will never recover from? Will Hellfire lose the woman he loves because of it? Who is the mysterious stranger that helps the clans as they live, fight, and die holding on to the foundations of their principals. Follow them into battle and into love. Follow them as their destinies lead them past vampire and orc armies, slave traders, the bitter stings of betrayal, and finally into the very lair of the evil Sorceress and the final confrontation that will change them all forever.

About the Author:

I find that in the creation of worlds one becomes as close to being one of the old gods of mythology as is possible.

Author's Note:

This book is my special project, a personal joy to me. It was first written between 2000 and 2001.It has recently gone through a bit of a shine up. My thanks to all who read it and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. It is intended to be a series. The original draft had very long chapters, so In the interest of keeping the chapters more in line with the smaller e-book sizes they have been cut into thirds. As always, feedback is welcomed, good or bad. It all goes towards creating a better book and a better reading experience. This is dedicated to Stephanie who kept me at it.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Pacing

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