The Journey

By Floob

Draft 5 Posted Date: 4/2/2013

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About the Book:

The book is largely based around an apoclyptic genre, although it touches upon several different genres throughout its pages. Despite being rather violent at times, you'll find that there is a very deep emotional, very character driven plot underneath it all. The idea is tha despite the end of te world surrounding these characters that there is still always something for them to hold onto. whether that be, love, brotherhood, family. There is always something to hold onto. As I get more and more feedback from my first few chapters I'll continue to post them as people comment, and will hopefully finish this already long endeavor to complete the book. Hope you enjoy what I have written thus far.

About the Author:

Chris Flubacher was never a writer. Doesnt see himself as an author, or a poet. Simply a story teller.

Author's Note:

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Setting

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