Crime Scene

By Ed Ireland

Draft 7 Posted Date: 12/5/2012

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Historical Thriller

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About the Book:

Rocco DeSantos was a hit man for the Philly mob. Not just any hitman, but a mechanic who has learned the art of murder and perfected it beyond all expectations. He has been summoned to a meeting in Los Angeles that will put his skills to the test beyond his wildest dreams. This hit will change him...and the world...forever. One day in Dallas will set him for life...if he lives long enough to collect.

About the Author:

I find that in the creation of worlds one becomes as close to being one of the old gods of mythology as is possible.

Author's Note:

This is a genre I am not used to writing, and the style is also very new to me. Any and all feedback is welcomed. On the other hand, if you enjoy it then please drop a note telling me why so I know what I'm doing right as well.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Dialogue, Pacing

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