By Michael R Hagan

Draft 48 Posted Date: 3/6/2013

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Supernatural Thriller

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About the Book:

The renowned archaeologist, James McKenzie, has uncovered many recorded auguries, a mysterious symbol found in the vicinity of each inscription. Now, edifices of this symbol are reappearing, not engraved in aged rock, but displayed in blood at the scenes of horrific murders. Detective Hassom is charged with the task of capturing the perpetrators before their rampage further inflames the simmering resentment of a population, who due to economic and climatic turmoil feel alienated and betrayed by their government. There are those, however, who have much to gain from the worsening national situation and the extreme measures which a desperate electorate will support. As it becomes clear that Lucas, a strangely gifted eight year old boy, is the primary target of the killer, and that the final, revelational prophecy uncovered relates to the present day, they must discover and obstruct the terrible course of events which another's machinations are leading humanity inextricably towards.

About the Author:

Michael was born in Co. Down, Ireland where, after what he describes as a beautiful year in California, he returned with his family to 'take the dream'n home.'

Author's Note:

I have long been fascinated at how the entire history and path of mankind have so often been redirected by seemingly insignificant events or decisions. My novel explores how these changes may be orchestrated at another's will; when a well timed manipulative whisper may ultimately prove more forceful than the might of an empire. I truly hope you find 'SEER' both enjoyable and provocative, and wish you every success with your own labour of love. Best wishes, Michael

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