Second Lisa | art imitates life... life duplicates art... death goes on

By silent k

Draft 1 Posted Date: 9/10/2012

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Historical Fantasy

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On a day in 1508, Leonardo’s sister, Lisabetta, perishes in a fire, but instead of reaching her heaven, she finds herself inside her portrait, the ‘Mona Lisa’, as Leonardo’s remaining link to sanity. She spends eleven years as Leonardo’s companion, and is shocked to discover upon his death, that she is unable to leave the painting. Time renders Lisabetta misidentified and alone in the Louvre Museum, but the five-hundredth centenary of her death offers the hope of escape in the form of two visitors: a troubled poet, Veronica Lyons, and her six-year-old, autistic son, Jupiter. in her portrait, can’t fully die until Veronica Lyons takes full possession of her life. Jupiter must find a second champion, Veronica has a second chance to fully live, and with only nine months left of a year’s escape window, Lisabetta has just enough time to rebirth a second chance to die with grace.

About the Author:

Lived in Findhorn and near Loch Ness in a church. Eye is now on Tuscany. BFA (university of Alberta). Written 'Second Lisa' bio of Leonardo da Vinci's sister

Author's Note:

Fiction is stranger than truth: Breaking news of the recent discovery of a second 'Mona Lisa' portrait confirms the premises in my book that there were two Mona Lisa paintings created side-by-side, and that Leonardo had an illegitimate son. This is a 50 page excerpt of a 700 page novel. A disclaimer: the character, Veronica, in the novel, is not me. I used this particular name because of it's Latin meaning: Veritas (truth) and icon (face), since the theme of 'Second Lisa' is about the missing identity of the 'Mona Lisa' - the most famous face in the world without a true name.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Pacing

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