The Father Who Never Yelled

By Alex Austin

Draft 11 Posted Date: 11/26/2012

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Psychological Thriller

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Grieving for a decade over the accidental deaths of his twin sons and longing for his estranged wife, Setsuko, who has returned to Japan to live with her father Kazuki Ono (a famed author of mind-bending novels in the vein of Haruki Murakami), Hugh Mcpherson swims out to sea to drown himself. As he sinks, his sons appear to him, presenting him with a letter that Hugh had sent to their mother, begging her forgiveness for Hugh's part in their deaths. Abandoning his suicide, Hugh swims back to shore. Though the letter has dissolved, and Hugh accepts his sons’ appearance as a delusion, the incident awakens memories that throw doubt on the accepted version of his sons’ deaths. With faint hope, Hugh follows the clues provoked by his memories into a film noir-like labyrinth, which eventually proves to have been configured by novelist Kazuki. To find his way back to his sons, Hugh must separate reality from Kazuki's fictionaal landscape.

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Author's Note:

Chapters of the novel have been published in carte-blanche, thiszine, Heavy Feather Review and Rose & Thorn Journal. The New York Book Festival 2012 awarded an Honorable Mention to my indie novel The Red Album of Asbury Park Remixed. Writers Digest Awarded an Honorable mention to my idie novel The Perfume Factory.

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