To the Trumpeting Place

By Nichole S

Draft 1 Posted Date: 7/11/2012

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Historical Romance

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About the Book:

When the Neo-Babylonian Empire falls, Babylonian slave Anatu's joy is short-lived. Kurush, the Persian ruler, has allowed the Israelites to return to their homeland. He is seen as a liberator after the terrible reign of Nadona'id. Some Israelites believe he is the saviour, the appointed one, when he funds the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem. But Anatu would never be able to enjoy life under Persian rule. Her master is an Israelite, and she has no choice but to follow him and his family back to their Promised Land. For years her master spoke of the land of his people, the land which HaShem, their god, gave to them. He spoke often of this HaShem, but he was only one god. To Anatu, one god could never be as powerful as the Babylonian pantheon. Gods she belives have told her to remain single until an appointed time. What could one god do that hundreds could not? During the four month journey across the desert, Anatu is introduced to the land of the Israelites, and the one true God.

About the Author:

Nichole Sotzek has a B.A in Near Eastern Archaeology and Medieval Studies. She is a member of ASOR, and a member of the women's fraternity Delta Gamma.

Author's Note:

This book is not overly romantic, but focuses more on the culture aspect of the time period. The romance within this book revolves around those in Anatu's life, and focuses on her lack of romance.

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