The Darling Rose: Book 1

By Troy

Draft 2 Posted Date: 8/2/2012

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About the Book:

The urge of blood lust will consume Anthony Kennady's soul & heart forever as he keeps on the move; following the shadows that leads inwards to the darkness. Following right behind her, she looks back at him, making sure that he was still following right behind, she tries to be kind to him. Knowing she was undead, he still kept on the way to her, without knowing that his own heath is in-danger. Soon as her thoughts told her this is far enough, she stops and waits for him. As he gets closer to her again, he realizes that he was leading the hunters behind him.

About the Author:

My Navels I'm working on has horror, romance, action, more Gorey. Now its only with Vampires, Vmp. hunters, but soon every Myth will come alive in this series.

Author's Note:

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Plot, Pacing

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