By Natasha Hollerup

Draft 3 Posted Date: 6/15/2012

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The year is 2775. After continuous wars and natural disasters for over 400 years, the world has changed for the better, except for the people who have been born with special abilities that become dangerous upon the brink of an unnatural death. They are called potential or full sorcerers and enchantresses. Nick Lockheart is a normal 15 year old student at an academy called Anastasia Palace who has precognitive visions and has been contacted by a young girl while training to be part of the school's (and 1/3 of the world's) military unit. Then, he and his best friend, among three other students are recruited and hired for a mission. The mission is supposed to be easy. The team is supposed to bring Princess Elisabeth Wintier, a potential enchantress, to a safe house after she gets a gift on her 15th birthday, a book that a full enchantress named Angelique Claiborne wants. When Elisabeth misses her stop, the team becomes targeted by Angelique, even as Nick grows closer to the princess.

About the Author:

Natasha Leigh Hollerup is a young adult/new adult writer from Wisconsin who is a constant dreamer. Even when she's not writing, she's thinking about it.

Author's Note:

These chapters have been edited, but they are in the rough draft phase. The beginning chapters also narrate Nick and Elisabeth's separate lives, before the mission begins.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Plot

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