Burying the Evil Seed

By Sinnie Ellis

Draft 5 Posted Date: 1/9/2013

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Historical Thriller

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About the Book:

Minding what you’re told and keeping secrets is the only way to survive as a young southern slave, especially when those secrets concern the murders of white men you’ve helped your father bury over the recently deceased. Every day, thirteen year old, Nelson plantation slave, Avalia Johnson, cooks, cleans, and prays to God for the souls of her, her father and those of the dead white men her and her father bury, sometimes when it gets dark. This story is about the least likely of 19th century serial killer’s and his young accomplice.

About the Author:

Ms. Rosen grew up traveling the world only to settle down in Kentucky with her family. When she is not writing novels, she is playing with her mini dachshunds.

Author's Note:

A new project in the rough draft process.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Pacing

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