When We Were Married | Volume One - The Long Fall

By Daniel Q Steele

Draft 2 Posted Date: 5/8/2012

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Legal Thriller

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About the Book:

“When We Were Married" is the story of the marriage of a driven Florida prosecutor and a beautiful professor and the four words that killed it. In its aftermath, Bill Maitland will face baby killers and drug lords, deadly grannies and killer cops. Against them, Maitland is armed only with the powers of the prosecutor’s office, bulldog stubbornness and a compulsion to do the right thing no matter what the cost. And a basic decency that gives him surprising allies in the criminal underworld. None of which will heal a broken heart. Debbie Maitland/Bascomb will find that beauty is no shield against loneliness and pain. A woman who has never lacked for male attention, in the wake of her divorce she will lose a husband and a lover, be estranged from her children, besieged by would-be seducers, and forced to find her footing in a new career. When two people truly love each other, there can be no happy ending. Will a pair of star-crossed lovers prove the truth of that saying?

About the Author:

Daniel Quentin Steele is a Florida native who has been a newspaperman, PR professional, speechwriter and teacher. He loves comics, Italy, movies and coffee.

Author's Note:

This is the second chapter in what will become a four-volume epic novel of love and the law. Prosecutor Bill Maitland's marriage crashes and burns in Chapter One. In this second chapter he has to begin living with the reality of a new, single life, while at the same time continuing to prosecute law breakers and trying to secure justice for victims of violent crime. The title comes from a favorite Golden Oldie, but I hope the chapter begins to show just how painful it can be when you're forced out of one life and into another.

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