The Night at the Argyll House | The dead do come back

By Yoshay Lama

Draft 5 Posted Date: 5/29/2012

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Gothic Romance

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About the Book:

The year is 1905 and Andrew Baxter, a solicitor's young apprentice travels from Edinburgh, Scotland to an insignificant little hamlet tucked away in the north eastern Himalayas of India. One night in a lonely Victorian mansion perched quietly on a hill top, is what it takes for Andrew to discover a secret linked between the members of the Argyll family that span generations.

About the Author:

Ardent reader & a consistent writer, Yoshay veers off from the path of academia, launching herself into the world of writing fiction.

Author's Note:

Originally published at www.socialpotpourri.com as a two part short story, it has now taken a form of a short series at the same site. That which is presented here are the drafts of a novel in the making, as this work of fiction is so close to me that I find new dimensions to it everyday. I dedicate this book to my hometown in the Himalayas and to Edinburgh my favourite city in the world. I welcome all constructive criticism, that which will enable me to make my writing and my story better. Immense thanks to all those who take the trouble to read it and state their views.

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