the chaos of the existence | baby don't cry

By china lin

Draft 1 Posted Date: 5/14/2012

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Paranormal Romance

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About the Book:

Want to be the top dog of hell,li ao prepare to participate in 2012 postgraduate exam .But unfortunely,he is lonely, no one loves him. He only can drink with a poor men afa. They exercise masturbatory to success altogether. At the same time zhoumanling take an examination postgraduated too,process li with appreciation, finally enjoy the pron with him, but short-lived. After back home, oneday,li was tracked by haggard and bitter female white. ZhouManLing's sister Jenny was easy to play with the feelings of people, so Tsinghua‘master to her is basic ruined. He was refuse by false teacher of moral, but didn't lose heart, Li will flirt with manling at home, but janet do not allow.Jenny's eccentric express to A let lee feel too shame, but god's eyes, let he and mann sleep after night after janet. what's janet's future,i think it's prosperous,and what is li.if he can learn from janet,he also can win the challenge.and what is the challenge else how female is jenny.

About the Author:

i'm china people,from shanghai.my dream is won the nobel literature prize.but do you know,book market of china is chaos.Vulgar novel full of it and my work dead

Author's Note:

dear: i'm chinese. i want to acquire nobel literature prize.now i'm in shanghai.Working in a country company. i want to become a novelist enthusiastic. but do you know.chinese market is full of vulgar novels.thus,though i want to be the auother like thomas mann and so on.chinese market submerged me. my english isn't good,but i want to rush out of The Gulag.what i like as existentialism,Analytical philosophy,as "A farewell to arms ",as"The season of the sun","La Vie en rose" is told me that,don't let the soul yield to the imprison time after time. let's fucking the monster.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Point of View, Continuity

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