Anomalies of History | 40-Year Cycle

By John Speikers

Draft 1 Posted Date: 7/8/2012

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Alternate History

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About the Book:

This report isn't fiction; it has no plot or characters. It examines history in light of a planetary quirk I discovered in the 1980s. I have added a new intro to the report which I hope will allow readers to understand where I'm coming from. Humans have progressed because we are curious and conditioned to look for patterns. In any environment, some things are more important than others. Our ancestors were especially wary of dangerous animals as well as plants or animals that offered nutritional value. They focused on bringing home dinner without getting killed. Sightseeing is for folks have been babied with too many comforts of civilization. I offer this report somewhat tongue'n'cheek. You can be judge whether the correlations are valid.

About the Author:

My pen name is J. O. Quantaman. I'm the founder of Psignologic Services which furnishes consultation for the transportation and software industries.

Author's Note:

I don't know why astronomers, historians or even astrologers have overlooked this obvious insight into cultural evolution. But they have. I present this fascinating discovery here because the 40-year cycle coincides with too many important events in recent and ancient history. A better formatted version is available at my website -- Http://www.psignologic.net/

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