The Fate Merchant

By Marc Poliquin

Draft 15 Posted Date: 5/12/2013

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Supernatural Thriller

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About the Book:

Jasper Kravitz is a slacker who's starting to realize that his only accomplishment after thirty-three years has been his ability to consistently pay his rent on time. When he inherits a camera that can take a picture of the very last thing a person sees before they die, he decides to go into business for himself. He will sell anyone their fate for two hundred dollars. But dealing in fate, he quickly learns, can be hazardous to your health.

About the Author:

I'm a writer and, as a father to an eight month old, an expert in time management.

Author's Note:

This started its life as a short story, but I've decided to flesh it out into a novel, and post new chapters as I write them. I've never workshopped a first draft before, so I apologize for the rough patches. The underlining indicates italics. Thanks for reading.

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