Sly! On The Road Again

By Mimi Speike

Draft 1 Posted Date: 3/17/2012

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Based on 3 Reviews


Comic Fantasy

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About the Book:

Compared to Book One, this material is more of a romp, lighter in tone, with far less historical detail. 'On The Road Again' is just plain silly. My arrogant froggie is an enchanted prince (so he claims) whom Sly, do-gooder that he is, insists on helping. The luckless amphibian, grateful at first, becomes less and less so with every castle window he's thrown out of. In the course of the quest, the frenemies face additional challenges, until Sly realizes that his altruistic undertaking is in vain.

About the Author:

Mimi Speike's work is smart, sly, and gloriously silly. But, what genre is it? That's a tough one. Screwball Fantasy with Philosophical Pretensions comes close.

Author's Note:

You will find that the personality of this material is very different from that of Book One. This half was written twenty-five years ago, the first part much more recently. The difference of tone has to be reconciled. This is one of the problems that has flummoxed me all these years. Which direction do I push it in? Quasi-historical? Fairy-tale? Or meet in the middle? Help me decide.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Character Development

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