A Viking on the Subway | meet Maija Finehair, Viking Warrior come to contemporary NYC

By Torg

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Urban Fantasy

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About the Book:

A Viking on the Subway begins with Maija Finehair and her father, Magnus the Good, on the subway platform of the Astoria Ditmars stop in Queens, New York. Although it won't be clear to the reader for some time, both are actual Vikings, born in the ninth century, warriors in their first lives, and killed during separate battles. According to Viking legend, the Valkyries (translated “choosers of the dead”) take the bravest warriors from battle and deliver them to the god Odin, who resides at Valhalla, a mead hall training ground for the final battle of Ragnarok.

About the Author:

Torg is a professor at St. John's University in New York. He's a devoted family man who likes to work out and dabble with all things digital texts.

Author's Note:

Most of the setting for this book is based on a geographically accurate New York City, 2007. There are scenes in Central Park, Chinatown, and around the Hell Gage Bridge in Queens. In writing this book, I wanted to explore my own Norse history, and the springboard for the character Maija was based on an archeological discovery in Oseberg, Norway. It was an unusual discovery in that two women's remains were found. In general, the bodies are of men who were kings or great warriors. It was interesting to me as I researched this book the ways in which the world's religions intersect.

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