The Green Dress

By Shannon Borg

Draft 7 Posted Date: 9/4/2012

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Historical Mystery

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About the Book:

Based on a real historical figure, The Green Dress follows the life of Maria Susannah Merrick, one of my great grandmothers, born a servant in Windsor Castle in the early 1800s. Merrick became a governess, joined the Mormon Church, left her husband and made the treacherous journey to Utah in the 1840s, living in a converted chicken coop her first winter. Her story is woven together with that of her contemporary great granddaughter, Madison, an artist who inherits "The Green Dress," a large, mysterious painting of Maria. A passionate affair with its producer, the evocative landscapes of Utah and Northern England, and the manners of this 19th-century Englishwoman contrast with Madison's life as an independent woman and artist in San Francisco and Glasgow. Through Maria's letters and Madison's search for answers, the two women's lives connect in their entanglements with the world of art forgery and infidelity, and the passionate search for self-expression, family and romantic love.

About the Author:

Shannon Borg is a writer and wine educator. She has published two books, Corset: Poems (Word Press, 2005), and Chefs on the Farm (Mountaineers, 2008).

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