Just Another Love Letter

By Rebecca Hodgkins

Draft 1 Posted Date: 1/21/2012

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Based on 5 Reviews


Contemporary Fantasy

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About the Book:

Once, after He’d had too much to drink, God misplaced His sketchbook. As usual, Metatron cleaned up the Old Guy’s snafu. He had to trade the Ten Commandments (twice) but God’s chief angel got the sketchbook back before anything too awful happened. Something more embarrassing is missing now. Stolen, actually. A love letter written by God Himself. This is not Penemuel’s problem. He has his own troubles. After the angel proposed marriage to his charge, Sara dumped him. Something about the fact that her guardian is actually a fallen angel and she’s afraid of going to Hell. Sure, sex with a demon was ok with her, but marriage? No way. Catholic girls, what can you do? The stolen love letter turns into Penemuel’s problem when he becomes an unwilling accomplice in the theft.

About the Author:

Rebecca Hodgkins hopes to become a pediatric nurse. Her fiction appears in 'Everyday Weirdness', 'Cezanne's Carrot' and the June 2012 issue of 'Niteblade.'

Author's Note:

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Continuity

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