Sword of the Sylph | Book Two of the Sylvan Chord

By Robert Redinger

Draft 1 Posted Date: 1/21/2012

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High / Epic Fantasy

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About the Book:

Two years older, young Efkin is honing his skills, conjuring his allies, the elementals, with even greater ease, but he is also finding there are limits to his abilities. When centuries-old giants appear crossing the ocean, he is brought back into the lands of men to investigate and discovers there is much more afoot than meets the eye. An encounter with a scheming gnome reveals startling facts about the Runes; the blight of sorcery is still upon the earth. No less surprising is the discovery that his sword, Harbinger, has some hidden power and perhaps even a greater purpose. Never far from his side, Ebin uncovers a plot to overthrow the west while imprisoned in the dungeons of Gammod-Dhol. Somehow he must engineer an almost impossible escape, break through an impenetrable army, and then cross blades with a tireless doppleganger that no earthly being should be able to defeat. And on a misty isle, the Lady Eav, who wields inconceivable power, patiently waits.

About the Author:

Born in New York City, award-winning author Robert Redinger is currently writing Sword of the Sylph: Book Two of the Sylvan Chord.

Author's Note:

In Book Two, Efkin learns more about his destiny as the Sylph and also discovers the surprising true purpose of the Runes. Chapter Four, however, belongs to Ebin.

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