The Final Consequence

By MGrant

Draft 11 Posted Date: 5/30/2012

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Alternate History

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About the Book:

My name is Russell Wayne Hartnett. I am an old newspaperman. It is still early, only Day Three in New Time, so who knows what might happen? Still, as of this moment, I have enough evidence to say with reasonable certainty that I will die on March 6, 1943, the day I was born. When this happens, I will be 140 years old. Having that information is enough to trigger my writer's impulse to begin a memoir. I have playfully titled it a "riomem," which is "memoir" spelled backward. But that is only playfulness. Time in New Time appears to be moving forward, just like it did in Old Time. Oprah is still Oprah, and her company is still Harpo. If time were moving backward, it would be the other way around. Oprah would be Harpo and her company would be Oprah, and a memoir would be a riomem. But that's not the way it is. I can write a sentence that begins at the beginning, and ends at the end. Strange. Maybe it's not strange at all, over here. Looking back, maybe it was Old Time that was strange.

About the Author:

Thirty-five years in newspapers as reporter, editor, essayist, columnist. Five books published. Journalism and media communications professor. Native Texan.

Author's Note:

"The Final Consequence" is a work of fiction, but embedded in it are many clues to experiences I have enjoyed on this lovely planet Earth which are quite real. I urge the reader to watch for them, and to undertake the experiences themselves, and to share them with others. We really do go through life seeing only half the view.

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