The Great Alliance | Volume One of the Planetseekers Trilogy

By Joe Bridges

Draft 23 Posted Date: 1/19/2012

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Space Opera

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About the Book:

On board a colonization vessel to Pollux Gamma, three unplanned fetuses gestate for over 38 years in suspended animation while learning the collected knowledge of humankind. The three are born telepathic geniuses with incredible mental powers. Travelling through space at the speed of thought, and assisted by their fellow colonists and a race of insectile aliens known as the Ven, the Telepathic Trio spearheads a cast of widely varied characters to save Earth from certain annihilation at the hands of invaders from Altair. Facing preparations for interstellar war, Polluxia unites with the Ven, and the Great Milky Way Alliance is born. This first installment of the Planetseekers Trilogy ends with the children safely home on Polluxia with their parents and the Ven, and hints of more adventures to come in the second and third volumes of the Trilogy.

About the Author:

Workman, guitarist, some say a preacher, student of life, and seeker of truth, Joe has made it his purpose both to learn and impart as well as he is able....

Author's Note:

I started working on the Planetseekers Trilogy in 1981 before it was actually discoved that there really are planets orbiting the star Pollux, so I consider this work to be somewhat prophetic. Much research has gone into this since that early start, but more, some of my own life experiences are here in spirit. I sincerely hope you enjoy this book and any more to come, should you choose to read more of my work. Special thanks goes to my wife and family for tolerating my hours of "work", and as she so aptly says: may God bless you with the desires of your own heart. Sincerely, Joe Bridges

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