To Brave the Crumbling Sky | Volume 2: The Oldest War

By Matthew Snee

Draft 2 Posted Date: 1/5/2012

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Space Opera

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About the Book:

The Captain, a middle-aged writer, and Jennifer, the daughter of legendary interplanetary explorers, are all that stand between us and the complete destruction of the Solar System by the strange phenomena known as the No-Shape. In Volume 2 of this exciting seven-volume space opera, our heroes venture to the secret colonies of Jupiter, where they will confront a strange world and stranger characters, and battle against both their pasts and the imminent future. Their quest: to locate and reawaken the legendary Triborg: a fusion of the Solar System's early lifeforms -- an impossible power that their enemies also covet. Together with their friend Plerrxx, the telepathic cat-man from Mmrowwr, and Tess, a young girl with ancient blood and a youthful pride, the Captain and Jennifer will do battle across the moons of Jupiter and then finally on the planet itself, venturing into the strange Death Dream that houses their goal.

About the Author:

Author's Note:

TO BRAVE THE CRUMBLING SKY is a seven-volume space opera that spans the Solar System and multiple dimensions. This is the second volume -- there is a novel before this, which will also be posted soon -- so please consider that when reviewing. I am excited to get feedback on this volume, but we are not interested in snarky criticism that makes you feel good. We're looking for helpful, constructive criticism that helps us write a better book. Translation: Don't be an ass like our first reviewer. The book was written by Matthew Snee and Gregg Chirlin.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Plot

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