Twilight Path

By Charl F king

Draft 16 Posted Date: 1/28/2012

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Historical Mystery

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About the Book:

Marquis Blake de Montfort is a ruthless master spy with a violent past. Haunted by a murdered wife and child, he is obsessed with revenge. Posing as an effete, elaborately dressed and bearded fop, Blake is hated by men, desired by women and feared by all. His real identity is threatened by betrayal and the king forces him to remarry to preserve his undercover activities. Tanisha Trevelyan’s exciting life of travel and searching for antiquities is about to be exchanged for a life of intrigue, misery and fear. The king summons her to court to marry Marquis de Montfort. Although determined to make the best of this union, she is unprepared for the amoral man she is to marry. Left alone for days while her husband disappears, Tanisha explores her new home. She finds a hidden study and accidentally meets a handsome man. He introduces himself as Blake's brother, Evan. He is everything her husband is not. Unable to fight her growing attraction for him, she succumbs to his seduction.

About the Author:

Charl is an editor, ghost writer and illustrator for Inspiration For Writers, Inc. Her youth was spent in the Zambian bush, painting wildlife and writing.

Author's Note:

This book is not a first draft, it's as near to ready for publication as I can get it. I just want feedback. I will send more chapters on request. I have been divided as to what the genre is and finally had to conclude that it's a mystery romance. I have taken comments to heart and changed certain areas with a complete rewrite.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Plot

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