Ride of the Fat Cats | A Serial Killer Mystery

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Draft 1 Posted Date: 10/14/2011

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General Mystery

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About the Book:

Someone is killing the Fat Cats, and nobody seems to care. Rudy and Jim are part of a rowdy group and the police find it easy to dismiss any incident as self-inflicted. They're going to have to find a reason for the murders if they're going to stay alive. They love CABTAGI, the biggest, loudest, cycle tour and rolling party in the world, but the killings have to be connected somehow, because the Fat Cats Cycle Club exists only to eat, drink, and bike their way across Iowa for one week each year. Now a young woman has disappeared during the cycle tour and Jim is convinced this loss must be connected to the attacks on his friends. They plan a trap for the killer, knowing they have to triumph or die.

About the Author:

Display Name is the psedonym of a Minneapolis Attorney with an imagination. Please don't tell his peers he makes stuff up.

Author's Note:

Ride of the Fat Cats is complete. I think a bit more polish and I could shop it around.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Plot

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