Whiskers and Wings

By KJ Bledsoe

Draft 1 Posted Date: 8/14/2011

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Contemporary Fantasy

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About the Book:

The things Miriam remembers best about her Cat-mom are her stories. Miri's favorite is the one about dragons. They hadn't been seen in a long, long time, Cat-mom had said, but if Miri was very good, she might eventually have the chance to see one -- maybe even fly with one. Miri has a good home now, safe and cozy with a loving Person-mother who pets her and feeds her treats. Still, she dreams of dragons and flight. When the birds who lived Outside her home tell her that dragons *are* real, she can't resist the lure. Determined, she sets out on a quest to find them, leaving her home and loving Person-mom behind. The world is dangerous for a kitten, though, no matter how spirited and brave! She'll have to face many trials on her journey, from streets full of roaring metal monsters to long stretches of wilderness. Can she survive it? Will she find what she's looking for -- or is it all just the stuff of dreams?

About the Author:

Kristin is an aerospace engineer. When she's not working on the future of human spaceflight, she writes fantasy, watches TV, and laughs at her two crazy cats.

Author's Note:

This draft is almost complete, with just a chapter or two left to be written. I'd like to get feedback on areas that I should focus on in revising the novel for a second draft.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Pacing

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