The Kingdoms | (working title)

By Dustin Hamilton

Draft 1 Posted Date: 7/9/2011

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Based on 2 Reviews


Weird Fiction

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About the Book:

In the Royal Americas, the Centennial of Queen Victoria's reign-in-exile draws close. In New York, Coleman Hawthorne works tirelessly, inventing devices intended to take back the British Isles from the Holy Roman Empire. His personal magic isn't enough to power his newest idea, and so he leaves New York, searching for a creature or device powerful enough. In New London, Jonathan Saint, one of Aetheric Operations top agents, descends into the sewers to face an old foe, with terrifying new tricks up his sleeve. Investigating the source of his foes new powers takes him abroad. In Boston, the mysterious vigilante known as Justice, scourges the underworld. His struggle to punish the guilty will bring him head to head with Ubell Keller, the most powerful, and long-lived arch-criminal in Royal America's young history. As our heroes pursue their individual goals, each will discover truths that will change their lives and the world.

About the Author:

Dustin Hamilton resides in Knoxville, TN, and is really bad at these kinds of things. He lives with his loving wife, Hana, and their 3 cats and a bunny.

Author's Note:

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Point of View, Setting

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