Bar Mitzvah | The Making of a Man

By Marc P Goldman

Draft 44 Posted Date: 12/7/2012

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Historical Thriller

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How does a young boy survive after his family and village are murdered by Nazis? He must discover the courage within himself to withstand the horrors of war.

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There are some conventions used in writing this book that need to be explained: Many Jews do not say the Lord's name; instead they use the word 'H'Shem' This is translated into 'The Name'. Jewish names include the Fathers name. Bar, or Ben mean son of; and Bas or Bat means daughter of. Therefore Isaac Ben Abraham means Isaac son of Abraham. I also decided to use the German spelling for rank. I am going to put the entire book out . Read as much as you like. I hope you enjoy the story of Isaac. I have put a revised Chapter 1 based on suggestions

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Character Development, Pacing

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