The Recollection | The Story Of My L:ife

By Cindy Ribo

Draft 1 Posted Date: 7/4/2011

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Contemporary Romance

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About the Book:

The Recollection is a compilation of stories of two beautiful beings loving life despite the hardships and trials. Being positive with anything even though how much we go through. This may serve as a lesson to readers that giving up and failure is never an option and should never be in our vocabulary.. Live to the fullest with a smile and never lose Hope.

About the Author:

I'm 27 years a age. Mother of 2 beautiful angels. Writing is my passion :)

Author's Note:

This book was produced with unity and Love By me and my Fiancee. We knew each other even better and built up stronger trust, faith.. in our relationship. It erased all doubts and confusions for He and I basically shared everything in this book. We built this for good reason and to share our thoughts about life and love. Anything is possible if we believe.

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